What does siege train mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a set of artillery and other equipment for a siege, together with troops and transport vehicles.

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Q: What does siege train mean?
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What is a battering train?

A battering train is a train of artillery for siege operations.

On what form of transportation does Under Siege 2 take place?


What does obsidia mean?

In Latin, obsidia means siege.

Did the Carthaginians raid Rome?

They attacked in Italy, but did not have a siege train to attack the city itself with.

What does it mean to put a castle under siege?

it was from William

What was life like for a carthaginian soldier during the Siege of Rome?

well i dont know but i know they ahd lots of battels woth the romas.

How many men died when Carthage attacked roman capital?

Carthage did not attack the city of Rome because it did not have a siege train in Italy.

What does train mean in french?

un train

What does par le train mean in English?

by train

What do you mean by the mode of travel?

If I travelled on a train, my mode of travel is by train.

What does the long low whistle symbolize or mean in the Outsiders?

A train

What tactic did Ulysses S. Grant use successfully against the confederates at peters-burg?

a siege