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this sign is the sign of the satan..... Rockstars usually denote REBELS.... Satan was the eighth angel of GOD who rebelled and thus rockstars are associated with the devils and the rebels the fore-finger and the little-finger denote the two horns of the devil and the thumb denotes the tail of the devil

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Q: What does the Rock on hand sign mean?
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What is the sign language for rock?

The sign language for rock can vary depending on the context. One common sign is to make a fist with your dominant hand and then shake it side to side, mimicking the movement of a rock. Another sign is to make a "C" shape with your hand and then tap it against the back of your other hand. These signs represent the concept of a rock or the verb "rocking."

How do you say jump over the rock in sign language?

To sign "jump over the rock" in American Sign Language (ASL), you can sign "JUMP" followed by signing "ROCK" and then using a motion with your hand to represent jumping over it.

Why does your husband sleep with his hand in his underwear?

its a sign he wants you to rock his world.that or he is masturbating.

What does the road sign with the word rock on it mean it has a thick red circle around the word rock and a think red line through the word rock?

what a sign mean that has a red circle with rock in it and a red line through it

What does this hand signal mean- pointer and pinky are extended but other fingers are not?

The hand signal you described with the pointer and pinky extended is commonly associated with the "rock on" hand gesture, often used to symbolize rock music, concerts, or expressing excitement and positivity.

What does the hand sign of the right and left hand forming a diamond mean?

It is a Jewish hand sign that symbolizes the letter shin. Which stands for Shaddai meening "God"

What does the exclamation sign on a rav4 mean?

on the dashboard? i think its the hand brake.

What does the fair trade sign mean?

A persons hand reaching out to the poor

What does it mean when you child is open n closing their hand in their chin mean in sign language?

This gesture typically represents the sign for "silly" in American Sign Language. It involves moving an open hand up and down under the chin while sticking out the thumb.

What does the trinitarios hand sign mean?

They have 2 different hand signs they do a Lower case d and capital T.

In ASL what does the sign with one hand open and the other hand with pointer finger extended pointing to open hand mean?

This sign in American Sign Language often represents giving or offering something. The open hand typically indicates receiving, while the finger pointing to it signifies directing or giving.

What does it mean to touch your hand to your elbow in sign language?

Touching your hand to your elbow in sign language is a way of signing "family" or "related." It symbolizes the connection or relationship between family members.