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It refers to the disparity between law and practice in many African societies.

Also note that ChaCha is full of idiots who don't know what they're talking about.

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Q: What does the phrase equality before god and inequality within the world mean?
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What is global inequalities?

Global inequality, in a broad sense, is the idea that people in different places (or times) are unequal in terms of their relations to one-another. Usually, people focus on economic equality, and, in the world, different regions are differently developed and, therefore, have different levels of wealth between them and distributions of wealth in their populations. Economic inequality is difficult to measure but a popular method is known as the GINI coefficient, which measures inequality by dispersion of income in different segments of society.

What does the death of Robespierre signify for the revolution?

Robespierre's death is seen as the last chapter in the Reign of Terror and a revival of equality and justice within the French Revolution. It did not reflect well on Fraternity and Liberty.

What caused the Russian comm unists to take power after world war 1?

The famous philosipher Karl Marx invented communism. The only reason the commies took over Russia with the violent overthrow was because they wanted to create equality of living within the country. The person who replaced the former zcar was a man named Joseph Stalin.

Why did world war 1 settle into a stalemate?

Because of the equality of forces and technology employed by the Central/Allied Powers, not much territorial gain was made by either side. In their furthest advance west, the Germans made it within 20 miles of Paris, but were soon pushed back. After a few years of either side not gaining anything, they decided to call it quits.

Which government entity reviews laws and decides whether they are within the guidelines of the Constitution?

The Senate reviews laws and decides whether they are within the guidelines of the Constitution.

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In economics what does the Gini coefficient measure?

The Gini coefficient is a measure of income inequality within a population. It ranges from 0 (perfect equality) to 1 (perfect inequality). A higher Gini coefficient indicates greater income inequality within a society.

What is the Gini coefficient?

The Gini coefficient is a measure of income inequality within a population, with a value of 0 indicating perfect equality and 1 indicating perfect inequality. It is commonly used by economists and policymakers to understand the distribution of income or wealth within a country. A higher Gini coefficient suggests a more unequal distribution of income.

What was one of the most visible ways the Soviet system of organized inequality was seen?

Under Stalin the development of a system of organized inequality had been reflected within Stalin's methods. One of the most important was the repudiation of the goal of equality of incomes..

Does religion promote equality or enforce inequality?

Religion can promote both equality and inequality, depending on the interpretation and application of its teachings. Some religious beliefs emphasize the equality of all individuals, while others may contribute to reinforcing social hierarchies or discrimination. It ultimately depends on how religious principles are understood and practiced within a particular community or context.

Why there is no equality before the law during the time of rizal pictures?

During Rizal's time, there was a lack of equality before the law because of the prevalence of colonial rule and discriminatory practices by the ruling authorities. The colonial government favored the elite and those associated with the colonial power, leading to unequal treatment under the law. Additionally, there was a lack of legal protections for marginalized groups, perpetuating inequality within the legal system.

Is an equality of conditions income housing and the like a necessary ingredient of democracy?

Equality of conditions, including access to affordable housing, can help promote equality, social cohesion, and a sense of fairness within a democratic society. However, it is not necessarily a requirement for democracy to function. Democratic principles such as equality, freedom, and opportunity can still exist even in societies with significant economic inequality.

What is white feminism?

It refers to a potential criticism of early feminism which promoted the ideals of white, heterosexual, middle class women over all others. Betty Friedan, for instance, said that gender equality (regarding voting) was more important than racial equality. Third wave feminism emphasizes that gender inequality is linked to racial, socioeconomic, and sexual inequality, within interlocking systems of oppression.

Is within a prepasitional phrase?

Yes, "within" is a preposition in the prepositional phrase "within a prepositional phrase" which functions to show the relationship between "within" and "prepositional phrase".

What does the phrase within the two weeks or within two weeks mean?

The phrase "within the two weeks" or "within two weeks" means that something will happen or be done before the end of a period of two weeks. It implies a time frame of 14 days.

Which fundamental right gaurentees equality before law and equal protection of law in India?

The fundamental right that guarantees equality before the law and equal protection of the law in India is Article 14 of the Indian Constitution. It ensures that the State cannot deny to any person equality before the law or the equal protection of laws within the territory of India.

What was a common disagreement within the community of African American leaders?

How to achieve equality

A common disagreement within the community of African American leaders was?

How best to achieve equality