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In the period between the Roman Empire and the Norman Conquest, the British Isles were invaded and settled by two tribes of people from northern Germany. These tribes were the Angles and the Saxons, and the term Anglo-Saxon refers to the language spoken by them upon moving into Britain.

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An Anglo-Saxon is a member of the Germanic peoples who settled in England in the early fifth century.

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Germanic tribes who migrated to Britain.

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A village iin Anglo saxon

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Q: What does the term Anglo Saxon refer to?
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The life-price Of An Individual In Anglo-Saxon Culture?

Wergeld was the term used to refer to the life-price of an individual in Anglo-Saxon culture. It can also be spelled as weregild.

Anglo saxon pronoun for word it?

Anglo-Saxons used the pronoun to refer to all people.

What is anglo saxon superiority?

Anglo Saxon was the term that was used to describe the "Caucasian" race in the early 1900s. Anglo Saxon superiority was the mindset that that race was better than the others and America belonged to them.

Is moneybags an Anglo-saxon compound word?

No, "moneybags" is not an Anglo-Saxon compound word. It is a compound word in English, but the term "moneybags" originated in the late 16th century, not during the Anglo-Saxon period, which ended in the 11th century.

What is another term for Old English?

Another term for Old English is Anglo-Saxon.

What was an early British person called?

Are you looking for the term Anglo-Saxon.

Is merican an Anglo saxon dialect?

No, "Merican" is not an Anglo-Saxon dialect. It is a colloquial term for "American" used by some individuals. Anglo-Saxon refers to the early medieval period in England and the Old English language spoken during that time.

In Anglo Saxon poetry the term wave walker would be an example of what?


What was written in the Anglo saxon chronicle?

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle was written entirely in Old English, which is also called Anglo-Saxon.

What does the anglo Saxon have to do with Anzac Day?

The ANZACs were entirely anglo saxon.

Do you capitalize Anglo-Saxon?

Yes. It should be written as "Anglo-Saxon".

What language was spoken by Anglo Saxon?

old English or Anglo-saxon