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he established Mali empire!!

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Mali Empire

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Q: What empier did sundiata establish?
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How were Sundiata and Mansa Musa similar and how were they different?

they both benifeted mali in a great way but they are diffrent because sundiata wasnt muslim and mansa musa was.

What were sundiata's achievements?

Sundiata Keita's family was killed by the evil king Sumanguru. Sundiata was spared because he was ill and likely to die anyway. But he lived and overthrew the king. He then introduced cotton to the farmers, allowed people to worship as they please, and let slaves work to their freedom.

How did sundiata restore trade with north anmerica?

the trade salt and gold

Who was King Sundiata?

He was an African warrior whose conquests laid the foundation for the Empire of Mali in West Africa. Sundiata's rise to power is told in the Epic of Sundiata, an orally transmitted song passed down through generations via griots.Sundiata was crippled from childhood and his mother (Songolon) was the subject of ridicule among her co-wives. She was constantly teased and ridiculed openly for her son's disability. This significantly affected Sundiata and he was determined to do everything he possibly could in order to walk like his peers. Through this determination, he one day miraculously got up and walked. Among his peers, he became a leader. His paternal half-brother, Dankaran Touman, and Dankaran's mother, Sassouma Bereté, were cruel and resentful of Sundiata and his mother. Their cruelty escalated after the death of Naré Maghann (the king). To escape persecution and threats on her son's life, Sogolon took her children, Sundiata and his sisters, into exile. This exile lasted for many years and took them to different countries within the Ghana Empire and eventually to Mema where the king of Mema granted them asylum. Sundiata was admired by the King of Mema for his courage and tenacity. As such, he was given a senior position within the kingdom. When King Soumaoro Kanté of Sosso conquered the Mandinka people, messengers were sent to go and look for Songolon and her children, as Sundiata was destined to be a great leader according to prophecy. Upon finding him in Mema they persuaded him to come back in order to liberate the Mandinkas and their homeland. On his return, he was accompanied by an army given to him by the King of Mema. Thewarlords of Mali at the time who were his age group included : Tabon Wana, Kamadia Kamara (or Kamadia Camara), Faony Condé, Siara Kuman Konaté and Tiramakhan Traore (many variations : "Trimaghan" or "Tiramaghan", future conqueror of Kaabu). It was on the plain of Siby (var: Sibi) where they formed a pact brotherhood in order to liberate their country and people from the powerful Sosso king. At The Battle of Kirina, Sundiata and his allies defeated the Sosso king and became the first Emperor of the Mali Empire. He was the first of the Mandinka line of kings to adopt the royal title Mansa(King of Kings in theMandinka language).

What did the participants in the Decembrist Revolt wanted to establish?

a constitutional monarchy

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What did Sundiata accomplish?

Sundiata Keita (c. 1217 â?? c. 1255) was the founder of the Mali Empire. He is also the hero of the Mandinka people in the semi-historical Epic of Sundiata, known primarily through oral tradition.

Why did Sundiata call himself Mansa?

Sundiata called himself Mansa, which means "king of kings" in the Mandinka language, to establish his authority as the ruler of the Mali Empire. By adopting this title, he aimed to convey his status as the paramount leader among the various ethnic groups in the empire and solidify his power.

When was Sundiata Acoli born?

Sundiata Acoli was born in 1939.

What empier was mutota's?


does a crule empier?


When was Sundiata Gaines born?

Sundiata Gaines was born on 1986-04-18.

How were mansa musa and sundiata similar?

Sundiata and Mansa Musa benfited Mali , because Mansa Musa expanded the Mali empire after Sundiata died in 1255.Mansa Musa derives from same social layer as Sundiata, who started this complex.

Who conquered the roman empier?

The Saxons

What was the life span of king sundiata?

sundiata was a political leader who ruled of Sudan Africa

How did sundiata turn into an empire?

Sundiata built a huge army and won his country's independence.

What is the birth name of Sekou Sundiata?

Sekou Sundiata's birth name is Robert Franklin Feaster.

How did sundiata turn Mali into empire?

Sundiata built a huge army and won his country's independence.