What equipment do explorers need?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What equipment do explorers need?
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The ten explorer's equipment had been carefully selected and packed correct the possessive noun?

This is not difficult if you think about the meaning of what you are writing. The word 'ten' indicates a plural noun ('ten' is more than 'one'). Therefore the word following it must be plural: the equipment belongs to ten explorers, not to ten explorer. Therefore the apostrophe must come after, not before, the 's' of 'explorers': 'The ten explorers' equipment had been carefully selected and packed.'

What do explorers need to live in the Arctic?

we need food and water supply

How do you get Grintina on your team in Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time and Pokemon explorers of Darkness?

You need a wonder mail code

What impact did explorers and missionaries have on Africa?

Explorers and missionaries greatly impacted the continent of Africa. Explorers saw Africans as a resource to be traded and sold. Missionaries saw what they believed to be savage people in need of saving.

What equipment do you need to make a motorcycle?

If you are making it from scratch you need entire industries not equipment.

What rank do you need to battle mewtwo in Pokemon explorers of sky?

You need the Master *** Rank.

Should I buy commercial kitchen equipment or a knockoff brand?

If you need equipment for your home, you probably do not need commercial equipment. The website at explains when you may need commercial equipment.

What characteristics might explorers need to be successful?

well you might

How do you evolve munchlax in explorers of sky?

you need a full iscence

Is there any equipment I need to buy on the Fitness market?

Well, if you think you need new equipment or different equipment to experiment with workouts, or if you need and new aerobic equipment, but if not I don't think that you need anything more than what you have if you've got what you think will help you.

What did explorers need?

Explorers needed navigational tools like maps, compasses, and astrolabes to find their way. They also needed supplies such as food, water, and medicine to sustain themselves on long journeys, as well as materials for building shelter and making repairs to their boats or equipment. Additionally, knowledge of local languages and customs was essential for effective communication and diplomacy with the people they encountered.

What equipment would you need to take a brachial pulse?

You don't need equipment to get the brachial pulse.