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The very fact that Australia was founded by convicts has had a great deal to do with the development of an Australian identity. Australians tend to really champion the "underdog", and this can be traced to its convict foundations.

Exploration of the continent between 1813 and the 1870s certainly shaped the development of Australia, with the opening up of new land for farming, agriculture and settlement. Explorers such as Lawson, Wentworth and Blaxland, Sturt, Stuart, Mitchell, Oxley, Cunningham, Leichhardt, Eyre all had pivotal parts to play in the shaping of Australian settlement.

In line with this, John McDougall's successful 1862 crossing of the continent from south to north - and back again - was a catalyst to Australia being joined in communication to the rest of the world. The British-Australian Telegraph Company laid a submarine cable from Java to Darwin, linking Darwin to the world. It remained only to connect Darwin to the rest of Australia. The Overland Telegraph Line was built in 1872, linking Darwin to Adelaide, and from there, to the rest of Australia. Australia now had a direct line to the world.

The goldrushes brought a variety of different cultural groups to Australia, all of whom had their own influence on the development of Australia's identity.

The Eureka Stockade of 1854 marked the beginning of democracy in Australia. This was when the gold miners at Ballarat rebelled against some unreasonable demands of the troopers and the authorities.

Australia's great shearers' strike in 1891 highlighted the need for a political party to represent the rights of the union workers, and led to the formation of the Australian Labor Party.

The influence of writers such as AB 'Banjo' Paterson and Henry Lawson gave Australia its own sense of identity. Paterson glorified the bush and life on the land, while Lawson emphasised how heartbreaking the outback life could be. Either way, they typified Australians as hardworking, tough and determined people.

Federation of the colonies in 1901 was a major event. All the colonies of Australia, including Tasmania, came together and federated under the Commonwealth of Australia.

World War I and the Gallipoli campaign were significant in shaping Australia's identity, and gave the country an emerging sense of wanting to "get out from under Britain's thumb". Billy Hughes's conscription issues divided the nation, with some wishing to retain ties to Britain and fight for the "mother country", while others felt it just wasn't Australia's war.

Naturally, Australia's involvement in each of the subsequent wars helped cement its relationships to and alliances with some countries, whilst also opening up Australians to the influence of other countries. The Japanese bombings of Darwin, Wyndham and Broome during World War II removed some of Australia's previous innocence, and that was totally blown away with the Korean and Vietnam wars.

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Q: What events helped shape Australia's identity?
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