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The Spanish and French explorers used the Gulf of Mexico as an exploration route to get to Mexico and other parts of North America.

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Q: What exploration route did the Spanish and French use?
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What was bad about exploration?

Exploration is a journey of discovery, education and learning. In itself it cannot be bad. However the use to which the discoveries may be put could be. That depends on people.

Did Europeans use compasses in the age of exploration?

Yes. In fact, the Song Dynasty (which was Chinse) invented the compass and the astrolabe. The age of European exploration was AFTER Chinese dynasties.

Does the age of exploration count as the middle ages?

The Age of Exploration was mostly or entirely after the Middle Ages. The two can be regarded as overlapping to some extent, though some people might use dates for the Middle Ages that would have the time not overlap with the Age of Exploration at all. The date used for the beginning of the Age of Discovery is usually 1418, when the Portuguese began to map the coasts they came to. The age lasted until the early 17th century. Different historians use different dates for the Middle Ages. The most common date is probably 1453, but people in different countries tend to use different dates. English people are likely to use 1485, Italians often use 1401, Spanish people are likely to use 1516, and the date of Columbus' first voyage, 1492, is used by many people. So a person might hold the view that the first 90 years out of the two hundred or more of the Age of Exploration were part of the Middle Ages. Or the person might decide that the Age of Exploration started a few years after the Middle Ages ended.

What happened as a direct result of europeans use of the astrolabe?

Astrolabes were first widely used in the Middle Ages and by about 1450AD they were in use by navigators. They allowed navigators to calculate the position of the Sun and stars from the horizon. Their use was the first step toward scientific navigation. The great age of exploration was coincidental with their use.

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