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Geography, Religion and People all contribute to or influence history.

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Q: What factors contribute to or influence history?
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What are the two main factors that influence seawater density?

Temperature and salinity are the two main factors that influence seawater density. Colder water and higher salt content both contribute to increased density.

What are the factors in history?

Well, there is Technology, Chance, Individual Genius, Religion, Government, War and Communication. They contribute to each period in history.

Which physical factors most influence a prairie ecosystem?

Water availability, temperature, soil type, and fire are some of the physical factors that most influence a prairie ecosystem. These factors contribute to the type of plants that can thrive in the prairie, influence nutrient availability, and impact overall ecosystem diversity and productivity.

What are factors that contribute to the formation of one's v alues?

Factors that contribute to the formation of one's values include upbringing and family influence, cultural and societal norms, personal experiences and education, and exposure to diverse perspectives. These factors shape an individual's beliefs, morals, and principles over time.

What are the most criminogenic factors that contribute to the increasing rate of crime in South Africa?

the criminogenic risk factors is when someone acts violently under the influence of alcohol or any substances.

Different social factors that influence the behavior of individuals?

Social factors such as family, peers, culture, socioeconomic status, and media can influence the behavior of individuals by shaping their beliefs, values, attitudes, and norms. These factors can impact choices and decisions made by individuals and contribute to their social interactions and relationships.

Which personal factors will contribute to substance abuse?

Personal factors that can contribute to substance abuse include genetics, history of trauma or abuse, mental health disorders such as depression or anxiety, low self-esteem, peer pressure, and a lack of coping mechanisms for stress or difficult emotions.

What are some factors that influence cultural diversity?

Factors that influence cultural diversity include historical events, geographic location, migration patterns, societal norms, and socioeconomic status. These factors can contribute to the development and preservation of unique cultural practices, beliefs, languages, and traditions within a society or community.

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what factors contribute cohesiveness?

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Media influence (e.g., idealized portrayals in advertising) and comparison to others are two factors that can affect body image. These factors can contribute to feelings of inadequacy or dissatisfaction with one's appearance.

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what are the factors that influence supply

What are three factors that contribute to the accuracy of sensory data?

Three factors that contribute to the accuracy of sensory data are the sensitivity of the sensory receptors, the conditions under which the sensory data is obtained (such as lighting or noise levels), and the individual's past experiences and expectations that may influence their perception.