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Dene Suline people lived in the Canadian Shield. They ate caribou and all sorts of animals. They like to travel in big groups and help each other.

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first nations are all across Canadian society today

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Q: What first nations lived in the Canadian Shield?
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How did the gold rush effect first nations groups in bc?

the first nations lived in the fraser canyon also called the thompson river salish. many gold miners were killed. leaders of dicc militias were fighting over how to resolve the situation-one wanted peace and the other advocated a complete distructions of te nlaka'pamux(first nation). it troubles their way of living. it messed up their routine.

How did the first nations people survive without the europeans who tried to change their life?

The First Nations people survived through their traditional knowledge and skills in hunting, fishing, farming, and gathering. They had an intimate understanding of their environment and used sustainable practices. They lived in close-knit communities and had strong social structures that allowed for sharing resources and supporting each other.

Did Confucius live before or after the first unification of china?

Confucious lived before the first unification. The first unification was in 246 B.C.E. and he was born in 551 to 479 B.C.E.

Who founded the Carolingian dynasty?

As a powerful political family, the Carolingian Dynasty was founded by Pippin the Elder, who lived from about 580 to 640 AD. The Carolingian Dynasty was named after Charles Martel, who was the Mayor of the Palace and lived from 681 to 741. As a dynasty of kings, the first of the Carolingian Dynasty was Pepin the Short, who lived from 714 to 768, and was crowned king in 752. As a dynasty of emperors, the first of the Carolingian Dynasty was Charlemagne, who lived from about 742 to 814, was crowned king in 768 and emperor in 800. There is a link below.

The first great leap for humans was?

The first type of people to walk the planet were hunter gathers and lived nomadic life style the first big leap would had to been fire, then tools, domestication of crops and, animals an settling down forming small colonies.

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How would you survive in the Canadian shield?

The first people to live in the Canadian Shield were the first nations. 100% true. Answer: Athapaskan or Dene peoples (for instance, the Chipewyan) and the Algonquians (Naskapi, Ojibwa, Cree, Ottawa (Odawa), Algonquin, and Innu or Montagnais) lived in the forested areas of the Canadian Shield. These are only a few of the different first nations that lived in the Canadian Shield. For more information about them go to this website:

What area did the Inuit live in?

They lived in the Canadian Shield, Canada, Russia, Alaska, and Greenland

What native American tribe lived above the Canadian shield?

toko and momon

What was the first Canadian myth?

The first Canadian myth was that everyone in Canada lived in igloos and it was snowy and freezing all year.

When did the first nations people live?

well it really depends. there were a few places where they lived and usually it was on the coasts. the vikings moved in Vineland=labrador and there were some in the pacific coast of Canada. and also in the north Canada known as inuviks. also they lived in the areas of the Canadian shield. But that is just Canada. if its the world, naturally humans were originated from Africa so that's where the first humans lived. which was 350 000-present span of years answered by: Prad Jong

Who were the first first nations who lived in the cordillera?

albert quinoweese uhgredesdre gryesew

Can scientist tell when first nations lived in north America?


Who were the first people to live in the cordillera region?

The Aboriginals were the first nations that lived in Cordillera

What first nations people lived by lake Huron?

Wendat Nation

Canada’s First Nations lived in traditional groups called?


How did the first nations live before European arrival?

lived in canoes

What shelter did the first nation plains have?

The First nations lived in log houses and tee-pee's