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Hunted bison

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Q: What foods do The Metis mainly eat?
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What did the Japanese eat?

All the foods you eat, but mainly rice.

What foods do black birds eat?

Blackbirds eat seeds, insects, berries mainly.

What foods eat fat?

If you mean what foods contain fats, it's mainly junk food

What do the metis first nations eat?

The Metis eat bison, chicken, bunny, duck, fish, moose, and goose

What foods con Jews not eat?

any meat mainly pork

How do angelfsh eat their food?

This specie of fish mainly feeds on algae. They also eat vegetable, flakes and dried foods. Angel fish is a fresh water fish so they mainly prefer live foods.

What did the Metis Indians eat?


What food do they eat in Vatican City?

they eat lots of pasta and rice in the Vatican. They eat mainly Itlaian and Greek foods

What time did the Metis people come to Canada?

Metis people were born in Canada to European and aboriginal couples. mainly during the fur trade.

What types of foods do lions need to survive?

Well they are a carnivorousness animal. So they eat mainly meat.

What foods do bottle nose dolphines eat?

Its diet consists mainly of small fish, crustaceans, and squid.

Who was Zeus' second wife?

Zeus had many wives, the second of which was Metis. Metis gave birth to Athena. Because of prophecies claiming that Metis' second child would replace him, Zeus proceeded to eat Metis. Zeus was a horrendous jerk.