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I think that it was the Elizabethan Era. I'm doing a project on it and it's the only answer that I can find so far.

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Q: What form of government ruled England between 1564 and 1616?
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Who was the ruler of England at the time of Shakespeare's birth?

For over a thousand years England has been a monarchy, meaning that it is ruled by kings and queens. Queen Elizabeth I was on the throne of England in 1564 when Shakespeare was born. Today England is a part of the UK and is ruled accordingly. There is a monarchy and Government.

Which monarch ruled England between 1564 -1616?

Queen Elizabeth I reigned from 17 November 1558 to 24 March 1603. She was succeeded by King James I who reigned until 27 March 1625.

In 1564 Who was the king of England?

The reigning English Monarch in 1564 was Queen Elizabeth I.

What were some historical events that happened in England between 1564-1616?

shakespeare lived was born and died on that excact years

What was happening in the US in 1564?

The form of government was Anachronism.

When did Osama Hunbalm start soccer in England?

He started it in the year 1564

Who was king of England on the year 1564?

Queen not King - Elizabeth 1

When was an pencil invented?

The pencil was invented in 1564 when a graphite mine was discovered in England

What happened between 1475-1564?

England/Spain/french and others started to make colony's around north America south America and central America

What was happening during the time William Shakespeare was born?

The year 1564 was a quiet year in England, compared to 1562, when the Church of England codified its theology, John Hawkins started the slave trade, and the first English tragedy in blank verse was performed.

What is an example of soft carbon discovered in England in 1564?

A deposit of graphite found in Cumbria

Who was famous between 1564 1616?

Answer The great poet, playwright and actor, William Shakespeare was born in 1564 and died in 1616.