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peanuts , timber, hides, and palm oil replaced the slave trade in west Africa.

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The slave trade still exists and there are 25 million slaves around the world. No trade replaced it.

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Q: What forms of trade replaced the slave trade in west Africa?
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Which type of trade replaced slave trade?

After the trans-Atlantic slave trade was declared illegal and later eliminated, it was replaced by legitimate trade (non-slave trade).

What cause the slave trade to end in Africa?

Slavery, and the slave trade, largely ended with the Civil War (although some forms of slavery do persist even into the 21st century).

Was the Atlantic Slave Trade the first kind of slave trade occurring in Africa?

No. Slavery and the slave trade had been going on in Africa for centuries before the Atlantic Slave trade came into being.

How did the slave trade brought about be Europeans in Africa differ from preexisting forms of slavery in Africa and elsewhere?

Help! I need this qusetion answered by tomorrow for my history class!

What brought an end to the transatlantic slave trade in Africa?

the slave trade stoped when Abe was president

How was the Muslim slave trade in Africa similar to portugals Atlantic slave trade?

Both the Muslim slave trade in Africa and Portugal's Atlantic slave trade involved the capture, transport, and sale of African individuals as slaves. They both contributed to the forced migration and exploitation of African peoples, leading to significant economic gains for those involved in the trade. Additionally, both forms of slavery had long-lasting social and cultural impacts on the affected populations.

What would Africa be like today if there was no slave trade?

We'll never know, because there has ALWAYS been a slave trade in Africa, even today.

What trade rout that included Africa America and Europe?

The slave trade

What country were the majority of the slave who went to Jamaica from?

africa-The slave trade triangle

What was the established slave trade in Africa?

The slave trade was established in 1619 by Jamestown colonist due to a need of workers.

Which conclusion about the slave trade in Africa is supported by the map?

Several European countries participated in the slave trade :3

Where were the slaves located?

Slaves were located in various regions around the world, including Africa, the Americas, Europe, and Asia. They were forcibly brought to different continents through the transatlantic slave trade, Arab slave trade, and other forms of enslavement.