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The habsburg dynasty

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Q: What great dynasty was Philip II part of?
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Powerful rulers of ancient Macedonia?

Philip II, Alexander the Great and generally most of the Argead Dynasty from which they belonged.

Who conquered all of Greece?

Philip II and his son Alexander the Great

Who is Alexander the great's dad?

Philip the II of Macedon. Philip was the king of the Greek kingdom of Macedon. The penultimate ruler of the Argead dynasty (Alexander was the last), descending according to the legend by Hercules himself.

Is Alexander the Great the same person as Philip II?

Alexander III the Great is the son of Philip II of Macedon.

What year did Macedonia form in?

Macedonia was estimated to be founded on the northern Greek peninsula in the 8th century BCE by Greeks from Argos that formed Macedonians first dynasty, the Argead Dynasty. The Argead Dynasty's most famous members were Philip II and Alexander the Great.

What regions were part of Spain's empire under Philip ii?

its philip the 2

What did Alexander the great's parents do for livng?

His father ,Philip II, was King of Macedonia, an Ancient kingdom in the northern part of the Greek peninsula. And his mother, Olumpias, was Philip's fourth wife.

Who was the leader of Macedonia who united the Greek city-states and brought peace to Greece?

Philip II and his son, Alexander the great.

Why was Akbar the great Suleiman's the Magnificent and Philip II similar?

Akbar the Great was the greatest ruler of the Mughal dynasty and ruled from 1556 to 1605. Suleiman the Magnificent was the Sultan of Turkey (1520-1566) under whom the Ottoman Empire reached the height of its power. Philip II was the ruler of Spain (1556-1596). They controlled large empires at the height of their power.

Who were the famous fathers of Alexander the great?

Philip II of Macedon

Who did Alexander the Great claim his father was?

Philip II of Macedonia.

What was Philip II of ancient Macedonia?

Philip II of Macedonia was a Greek king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia in northern Greece and the father of Alexander the Great.