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it might be that they both had something both needed to know

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Q: What had come under debate in the Jerusalem church and why was this debate important for the Gentile churches in Asia Minor?
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How did the French revolution of the 1789 impact the Catholic Church in France?

The French revolution was extremely hostile to the Catholic Church. They guillotined priests, nuns, and sisters by the hundreds, desecrated Churches, and destroyed priceless relics; leaving the common people bereft of spiritual guidance and solace.

How did churches support the Progressive movement?

The Church gave full support during the progressive movement in an effort to rid things like crime and alcohol. They used to progressive movement as an advantage to their teachings and stated what was a sin and what wasn't.

How is martin Luther from the renaissance important to the world today?

His separation from the Church led to the Protestant Reformation which in turn led to the establishment of many new Protestant religions that sprang from the Catholic Church.

What event caused the Crusades to start?

The cause of the Crusades was the clash between the Christian and Muslim religions. The Crusades resulted as a reaction of Muslim aggression against the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantines). The Muslims were running constant aggressive conquest campaigns on Christian lands as part of their imperialistic expansion. In 638 the Muslims conquered Jerusalem - the holy land where Jews and Christians would pilgrimage to. The Christian pilgrims to there were persecuted by the Muslims greatly. Over 60 Christian pilgrims were crucified in one short period by the Muslims. A Muslim governor of Caesarea in the 8th Century often seized pilgrims, one large group from Iconium was seized and they were all executed as spies (except for some that chose to convert to Islam instead of facing the sword). Muslims would ransack the churches if the pilgrims didn't pay protection money. Christian iconography and crosses were banned by the Muslims so many churches were pillaged and defaced. Caliph Mansur (around the 8th Century) ordered that the hands of all Christians and Jews be stamped with a distinctive symbol which helped them be 'humiliated' and identified for paying of the Jizzya (tax for being Christian). Converts to Christianity were executed (such as the ex-Muslim monk in 789). Churches and monasteries conquered by the Muslims were plundered and monks and clergy were often murdered such as Saint Theodosius monastery in Bethlehem. By the start of the 9th Century most Christians fled from their hometown to Christian cities such as Constantinople that were still under the Byzantines. In 937 during Easter celebrations, specifically Palm Sunday, Muslims rampaged through Jerusalem against the Christians and destroyed their churches including Church of Calvary and the Church of the Resurrection. It wasn't until the 960's (up to 200 years later) than the Christians actually reacted to this violence and persecution. Cities taken by force such as Crete, Cilicia, Cyprus, Antioch and even parts of Syria were reconquered by the Christians. In 974 the Muslims then launched an official offensive under Sunni Caliph Abbasid against the Byzantines. The campaign of Muslims against the Christians lasted for around 30 more years until a short ceasfire while the Muslims fought against themselves. Then at the beginning of the 11th Century the Muslims again started their offensive against the Christians under Abu 'Ali al-Mansur al-Hakim and this was taken out on the average Christian. Churches were burnt, church property was seized. Over the first 10 years of the 11th Century over 30,000 churches were destroyed by the Muslim aggressors. They even destroyed the Church of the Holy Sepulcher - the traditional site marking were Christ was buried. The Caliph ordered the tomb be destroyed. All the Christians and Jews of Jerusalem (and other Muslim territories) were forced to wear heavy crosses and wooden calves around their neck. It wasn't until 1021 that this persecution decreased. In 1056 hundreds of Christians were expelled from Jerusalem and European Christians were blocked from the pilgrimage to the city. On entering Jerusalem in 1077 3000 Jews and Christians were murdered by the Muslim invaders. Then we get to where the story you quoted began - in response to the calls for help by the Christians persecuted throughout the Middle East and former Byzantine Empire territories the Western Church sent help.

What happened in 1054?

The Orthodox Church split from the Catholic Church.

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Where do Christians worship in Jerusalem?

The official place of worship for Christians is the church. The Jews worship in a synagogue.

What is it called when church leaders hold a meeting to make decisions about Gentile converts?

council of Jerusalem

What was the important dispute that arose in the early church and how it was settled?

It was settled by the Church being bribed to stop having sex with all the prostitutes.

Why did Saint Paul and Barnabas leave Jerusalem for Antioch?

Saint Paul and Barnabas left Jerusalem for Antioch to deliver the letter from the Jerusalem Council, which clarified the requirements for Gentile believers. They were also appointed by the church in Jerusalem to share the decision with the believers in Antioch.

Where in the world did Orthodox start?

The Orthodox Church began as the first Christian Church (alongside the Roman Catholic Church--this was obviously before the schism which occurred in 1054 between the two churches) at Pentecost in Jerusalem. Short answer: Jerusalem

What chapter of acts was the Jerusalem council held?

The Jerusalem council was held in Acts chapter 15. It was a meeting of the early Christian leaders to discuss the inclusion of Gentile believers in the church without the need for circumcision.

What is the first Christian churches?

Church in Jerusalem Acts 2:40, Churches in Judea, Galilee, and Samaria Acts 9:31, Church at Antioch Acts 13:1. These are some examples of the first Christian churches. Read the book of Acts to get a complete list.

Why are churches so important?

churches are so important because for those who strongly believe in church and religion it is a symbol of peace and ways of communicating with God.

Are elders important in the church today?

Yes Elders are very important to churches even today.

What church was left by Jesus Christ?

The church that Jesus Christ left on earth, was the Christian church, His Church, founded by his apostles. But what churches are these exactly. 1. The Church of Rome founded by the Apostle Peter and Paul 2. The Church of Constantinople founded by the Apostle Andrew 3. The Church of Alexandria founded by Mark the Evangelist 4. The Church of Jerusalem which was founded by Jesus himself, the continuation of his work in Jerusalem. 5. The Church of Antioch founded by the Apostle Peter. Each of these five churches before the East-West schism, formed the One true Holy and Catholic Apostolic Church, and it is from these that all other Christian denominations find their routes. Over time these churches witnessed internal schisms such as the protestant reformation which gave birth to the protestant churches. Therefore the church that Jesus Christ founded was the Christian church in all of its variation and glory

What was the most important institution in African American communities after the Civil War?

churches -apex

When was Jerusalem's Church created?

Jerusalem's Church was created in 1879.