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kluke has a luv triangle between jiro and shu (but she secretly luvs shu)

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Q: What happened between shu and kluke?
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Does shu love kluke?

ofcourse shu love kluke and kluke love shu . and they are bff

Who does Shu like more Sahlia or Kluke?

shu like kluke more then shahlia cause shu love kluke and they will get married one day :)

Who does shu like better kluke or bouquet?

I think Kluke. They are BFFS

Do Jiro and Kluke end up together at the end of Blue Dragon Awakened Shadow?

There are scenarios in this game. Unfortunately you can choose the path of what happens between: Kluke w/ Shu, Sahlia w/ Shu, Kluke w/ Jiro. I beat the game and the thing is its all drama between Kluke and Sahlia fighting for Shu. At the last quests with Sahlia; Sahlia sees Shu with Kluke and she gets jealous, so she decides to make an "Ultimate Cookie" which is a quest where you have to get ingredients for it. When Sahlia finishes the cookie, the game asks you: Yes, Shu eat the Ultimate Cookie; or No, Shu does not want to eat the Ultimate Cookie. If you pick Yes than Sahlia would be with Shu, than there would be a quest where Jiro wants to get with Kluke. Its all drama, basically you can choose what happens between those 4 people. So the answer is Yes and No.

HOW OLD is jiro on blue dragon?

he is 16, so are Shu and Kluke

Does shu kiss kluke?

no, they havent kiss.but thay did have their romantic moments

Who does kluke love?

Depends on what you're talking about. If it's the anime, probably Shu or Andropov. If it's the game, either Shu or Jiro. Most likely Shu because she seemed to show some jealousy while Bouquet was talking to Shu in the anime and Sahlia in the game.

Does Jiro like Kluke in the game?

Yes. It's implied throughout disc 1 and disc 2 of the first game. During an even in Pachess Town, Jiro even admits to Shu that he "really likes" Kluke. Here's the script: Jiro: I'm going to save Kluke no matter what. Shu: You sure have been acting strange lately. Whenever we talk about Kluke, you get all weird on me. Jiro: It's because... I really like Kluke. Shu: Uh... what... did you say...? Another example is if the player speaks to one of Marumaro's brothers after the "medicine incident" in Lago Village. The sibling tells the group a magic word ("yourecharmbeautimiful") that will make girls like them. He concludes with a "Try it on someone you like". Jiro, not knowing that Kluke's listening, says "Hmm... I think I'll use that one." Kluke responds with a "Jiro, do you like someone?" So that about sums it up. However, it's a bit unclear if Kluke likes Jiro just as much as he likes. Though a few of her responses in certain events (Lago Village events) hints that she may be a bit romantically interested in Jiro.

Does andropov have a crush on kluke in bluedragon?

because, kluke is a kind girl

When does Kluke findout she loves shu?

Kluke realizes she loves Shu gradually throughout their journey together in the anime Blue Dragon. It becomes more apparent as she becomes more aware of her feelings and the depth of their bond through their shared experiences and adventures.

When did Conquest of Shu by Wei happen?

Conquest of Shu by Wei happened in -263.

When did Campaign against Yuan Shu happen?

Campaign against Yuan Shu happened in 197.