What happened from 1519 to 1521?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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One thing is the Spanish Conquest lasted from 1519-1521.

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Q: What happened from 1519 to 1521?
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What year did Magellan explore?


When did Magellan explore the spice islands?

1519 to 1521,he died in battle in 1521

When did the spanish invede Mexico?

1519 - 1521.

What early civilization was destroyed in the year 1519 in Mexico?

The Aztecs, and it wasn't on 1519 but on 1521.

What were the expedition dates for Hernando Cortes?


When did the spanish made the conquest to Mexico?

1519 - 1521.

What was hernan corteses year of exploration?


What was hernan Cortes's voyage?

his voyage was from 1519-1521

What year was Magellan's voyage of circumnivigation?

1519-1521. He was killed in 1521 in the Philippines by the Lapu Lapu tribe.

When was Mexico ruled by the Spanish?

it was ruled mostly from 1519-1521

What year did Cortes Conquers the Aztecs?

1521, he started in 1519.

What Spanish soldier conquers the Aztecs?

Hernando Cortez 1519-1521