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The Crusades happened almost a thousand years ago-why do they still provoke an argument? Osama bin Laden has used them to attempt to rally the Islamic world to his cause; President Bush has called the war on terrorism a "crusade." But what is the truth about the Crusades? Were they motivated by savage greed and intolerance or by pious idealism? Were they an unprovoked attack by the West on the Islamic world or a reaction to centuries of Islamic incursions? How should we understand the legacy of the Crusades today, in a time of conflict between the West and radical Islamic terrorists?

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Q: What happened in history when the crusaders happened?
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In 1099 on July 15th, Jerusalem fell to the crusaders.

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The Crusader period happened in the years 1095 to 1291. During this period the Palestinian people were dominated by a religious army called the Crusaders.

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What was the significance of the crusaders marching around the walls of the city with bare feet?

Crusaders circled Jerusalem in their bare feet as an act of contrition and as a reminder of what once happened in Jericho.

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The First Crusade was in 1096. In it, thousands of Jews were killed by the Christian crusaders.

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