What happened in may 26 1677?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There are many things that have happened on this date in history. A noted event was when indians signed something like a treaty in the state of New York on this date.?æ

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Q: What happened in may 26 1677?
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Siege of Malmö happened on 1677-06-26.

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Conquest of Jemtland happened in 1677.

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Battle of Landskrona happened on 1677-07-14.

When did Battle of Marstrand happen?

Battle of Marstrand happened on 1677-07-23.

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Battle of Uddevalla happened on 1677-08-28.

When did Battle of Møn happen?

Battle of Møn happened on 1677-05-31.

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Battle of Køge Bay happened on 1677-07-01.

When did Bernhard Gustav of Baden-Durlach die?

Bernhard Gustav of Baden-Durlach died on 1677-12-26.

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