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King Louis XVI was executed.

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France declared a war on Austria.

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Q: What happened on August 20 1792 in the French Revolution?
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What does France celebrate in August?

The declare of the French Revolution on August 10, 1792

What is the significance of 10 Aug 1792?

French Revolution

When did French Revolutionary Wars happen?

French Revolutionary Wars happened in 1792.

Who were the French Ministers of War during the French Revolution?

The Count of Narbonne, who in 1792 was removed by Louis XVI.

Who was the chief of French after the French revolution started?

The french revolution started in 1789 but the monarchy ended only 1792. In the meantime, Louis XVI was still king of France (with limited powers).

In what year did the french revolution begin in?

The French Revolution began in 1789 and lasted almost 10 years. The Revolutionary wars began in 1792 and the king was soon overthrown.

What type of government did the sans-culottes create?

Hi, The sans-culottes was a group of people who wanted to protest against the Monarchy. The sans-culottes stormed the Tuileries in August 1792. This revolt led to the creation of the French Republic on September 21st, 1792. Source: Cheers.

What happened on September 21 1792?

The French National Convention votes to abolish France's monarchy.

In the first stage of the revolution what did the french establish?

The French established a constitutional monarchy in the first stage of the revolution. This constitutional monarchy only lasted from September 3, 1791 to September 21, 1792.

What is the moderate phase of the french revolution?

The moderate phase of the French Revolution took place between 1789-1792. Events that are included in this phase are: -Storming of the Bastille -Tennis Court Oath -Legislative Assembly -Declaration of the Rights of Man -August Degree *there are more events that took place during this time frame, these are just to name a few

Was the head of the French government during the French Revolution.?

The National Convention was in control from 20 September 1792 until 26 October after the Monarchy was abandoned until it was succeeded by the Directory.

What is one historical event that happened in France?

The French Revolution in 1789-1799. France was involved in both World War 1 and World War 2. The Eiffel Tower was built in 1889. See the Related Link for more.There are many famous things about France in the past. France had become part of the Roman Empire and ruled by kings for centuries.