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well now we have elictricity and more stuff then they had we have cars new cars but the had hourse nd carigess

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Q: What has changed between now and Victorian times?
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What has and hasn't changed between Victorian times and now?

your nan

What the difference between now and Victorian times?

The differences between now and the Victorian times is that we now have electricity and they didn't.and now we have sewage they did not had it

What was the weather like in London Victorian times?

Same as it is now.

How have governments changed between mediviel times to now?

I have no idea been searching myself cant find the answer :(

What are the differences between Christmas now and Christmas in the past?

No, Christmas now is not different from Victorian times because they had parties and we have parties too!

How did people milk cows in the Victorian times?

They used their hands because they didn't have the technoligy that we have now.

If the distance between the Earth and Moon were two times what it is now by what factor would the force of gravity between them be changed That is what is the ratio of the new force to the old forc?


What animals are there in the Victorian times?

The same as now but some breeds of specific farm animals no longer exist.

What is maximum age for capital punishment?

In the Victorian times you must be at least 6. But now you must be 18.

In Victorian times how long were you sent to prison for?

As now, that very much depended on the offence and the judge who set the sentence!

Did men ever wear makeup daily?

Many used powder in Victorian times and some use it now(especially on stage)

How has farming changed since ancient times?

Farming has changed since ancient times because in the ancient times crops were made by nature and now they are made by man and they use tractors to help them with this.