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Britain was the main colonizer of Australia, starting with the penal colonies it established on the coast. British colonizers wiped out much of the Aboriginal culture and killed many of the Aboriginals, replacing their culture with British culture. As a result, the Aboriginal cultures are less prominent than they had been historically, and most Australians use a version of British language, law, and ideals.

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because they liked cookies and cream like Naomi does

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The british empire wiped out aboriginals and their culture.

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Q: What impact did the British empire have on australia?
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The British Empire did not exchange kangaroos for anything in Australia.

Why Australia joined the British Empire?

Australia did not 'join' the British Empire, the British was the first westerners who set foot on Australia. They stuck the Union Jack down, and claimed Australia as theirs.

Australia was once part of the empire.?

The British Empire

Which empire once controlled America India and Australia?

The British Empire once controlled North America, India and Australia. Many other nations were also part of the British Empire.

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The British Empire - yes

What were the main reasons Australia decided to help Britain in World War 1?

Because Australia was a part of the British Empire. Because Australia was a part of the British Empire

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north America The British Empire controlled an entire continent in Australia. The British Empire was the largest empire in history.

What did the british empire give to Australia?


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British Empire

What negative impact did Australia have on the british empire?

I think you mean what negative impacts the British Empire had on Australia? But anyway I'll answer YOUR question. And that is, Australia didn't have any negative impact on the British Empire. It served as a perfect prison colony as a cheap way for the Empire to dump its prisoners. It produced vast amounts of wool for the Empire which is where the Australian saying comes from 'To break the sheeps back'. It experienced one of the largest gold rushes in history therefore bringing more wealth to the British. It never rebeled against the Empire so there was no expenditure on military. Australia also had a large part to play in colonial wars in that part of the world notably the NZ wars, the Sudanese war, and the Boer war. Although Australia became independent in 1901, today it is still part of the commonwealth and is now called the crown jewell.

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Australia and New Zealand got their independence from?

The British Empire.