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gold and salt

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Q: What important products led west Africa to become the trading power?
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What important products led west Africa to become trading power?

gold and salt

How did Timbuktu become a city of learning?

It was a trading hub located between North Africa and West Africa.

By 800 A.D. Ghana had become a powerful trading center in West Africa. What were two of the most important goods traded by Ghana?

The two most important trade items were gold and salt.

Why were gao timbuktu and jenne so important to west Africa?

by the 1400s, Timbuktu had become a leading center of learning. The city drew some of the best scholars from all over the Muslim world. In his book, history and description of Africa, Leo Africanus described the intellectual life of the city

How did kush become a wealthi kingdom?

They maintained a huge trading network from the north to Egypt's border and south into central Africa. BAE <3

Why did East Africa become an international trading center early in its history?

East Africa began trading with other regions long before European colonization. Evidence of trade networks with nations in Arabia, along the Indian Ocean and Mediterranean Sea is found in Greek writings.

Why is denaturation important?

Denaturation is important so meats and other products can become easier to digest.

What are the important things of songhai?

The Songhai Empire was known for its strong military, wealth from trans-Saharan trade, and influential Islamic culture. Songhai had a well-organized bureaucracy and important trading cities like Timbuktu. It also expanded through conquest to become the largest empire in West Africa.

How did Meroë become an important trading center?

traders used the nile,the red sea,and overland routes to transport their gods.

Give you a picture of interdependent?

Being mutually dependent. For example, countries trading with each other become dependent on the products or goods received from the other country.

How did Mali become one of the wealthiest empires in Africa?

By trading gold, salt etc. And the king was a real gentleman. there was No poverty no crime. (probable he equalised everyones wealth)

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