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1993 was a busy year around the world. It was also an important year in many aspects. The former nation of Czechoslovakia split into two countries the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The comet Muller was discovered. Martin Luther King Jr Day was celebrated for the first time in all 50 states. The first bombing of the World Trade Center. Cheers went off the air.

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Major Events of 1992
  • War begins in former Yugoslavia
  • Security Council passes sanctions on Libya
  • El Salvador signs peace agreement with Guerillas

1992 Olympics

NBA: Chicago Bulls vs. Portland Trailblazers Series: 4-2
NCAA Football: Alabama Record: 13-0-0
Heisman Trophy: Gino Torretta, miami-fl, QB points: 1400
Stanley Cup: Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Chicago Blackhawks Series: 4-0
Super Bowl XXVI: Washington Redskins vs. Buffalo Bills Score: 37-24
US Open Golf: Tom Kite Score: 285 Course: Pebble Beach GL Location: Pebble Beach, CA
World Series: Toronto Blue Jays vs. Atlanta Braves Series: 4-2

Popular Music

1."All 4 Love" ... Color Me Badd
2."Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" ... George Michael & Elton John
3."I'm Too Sexy" ... Right Said Fred
4."To Be With You" ... Mr. Big
5."Save the Best for Last" ... Vanessa Williams
6."Jump" ... Kris Cross
7."I'll Be There" ... Mariah Carey
8."Baby Got Back" ... Sir Mix-A-Lot
9."This Used to Be My Playground" ... Madonna
10."End Road" ... Boyz II Men

Popular Movies

1. Home Alone 2
2. Batman Returns
3. Lethal Weapon 3
4. Sister Act
5. Aladdin
6. Wayne's World
7. A League of Their Own
8. Basic Instinct
9. The Bodyguard
10. A Few Good Men

Most Popular Books

1."Dolores Claiborne" ... Stephen King
2."The Pelican Brief" ... John Grisham
3."Gerald's Game" ... Stephen King
4."Mixed Blessings" ... Danielle Steel
5."Jewels" ... Danielle Steel
6."The Stars Shine Down" ... Sidney Sheldon
7."Tale of the Body Thief" ... Anne Rice
8."Mexico" ... James A. Michener
9."Waiting to Exhale" ... Terry McMillan
10."All Around the Town" ... Mary Higgins Clark
1."The Way Things Ought to Be" ... Rush Limbaugh
2."It Doesn't Take a Hero" ... H. Norman Schwarzkopf
3."How to Satisfy a Woman Every Time" ... Naura Hayden
4."Every Living Thing" ... James Harriot
5."A Return to Love" ... Marianne Williamson
6."Sam Walton" ... Sam Walton
7."Diana" ... Andrew Morton
8."Truman" ... David McCullough
9."Silent Passage" ... Gail Sheehy
10."Sex" ... Madonna

Most Popular Television Shows

1. 60 Minutes (CBS)
2. Roseanne (ABC)
3. Home Improvement (ABC)
4. Murphy Brown (CBS)
5. Murder, She Wrote (CBS)
6. Coach (ABC)
7. Monday Night Football (ABC)
8. CBS Sunday Movie (CBS)
9. Cheers (NBC)
10. Full House (ABC)


MARCUS, RUDOLPH A., U.S.A., California Institute of Technology, Pasdena, CA, b. 1923 (in Montreal, Canada):

"for his contributions to the theory of electron transfer reactions in
chemical systems"

WALCOTT, DEREK, Saint Lucia, b. 1930:

"for a poetic oeuvre of great luminosity, sustained by a historical vision,
the outcome of a multicultural commitment"

TUM, RIGOBERTA MENCHU, Guatemala. Campaigner for human rights, especially for indigenous peoples.

The prize was awarded jointly to:

FISCHER, EDMOND H., U.S.A., University of Washington, Seattle WA, b. 1920
(in Shanghai, China); and

KREBS, EDWIN G., U.S.A., University of Washington, Seattle WA, b. 1918:

"for their discoveries concerning reversible protein phosphorylation as a
biological regulatory mechanism"

CHARPAK, GEORGES, France, Ecole Superieure de Physique et Chimie, Paris and CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, b. 1924 ( in Poland):

"for his invention and development of particle detectors, in particular the
multiwire proportional chamber"
Academy Awards

Best Picture: "Unforgiven"
Best Director:Clint Eastwood ... "Unforgiven"
Best Actor:Al Pacino ... "Scent of a Woman"
Best Actress: Emma Thompson ... "Howards End"

Record of the Year:
Song of the Year:
Album of the Year:
Male Vocalist:
Female Vocalist: "Tears in Heaven" ... Eric Clapton

"Tears in Heaven" ... Eric Clapton
"Unplugged" ... Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton ... "Tears in Heaven"

K.D. Lang ... "Constant Craving"

Tony Awards

Best Play: "Dancing at Lughnasa" ... Brian Friel
Best Musical: "Crazy for You"
Best Actor in a play:Judd Hirsch ... "Conversations with My Father"
Best Actress in a play:Glenn Close ... "Death and the Maiden"
Best Actor in a musical:Gregory Hines ... "Jelly's Last Jam"
Best Actress in a musical:Faith Prince ... "Guys and Dolls"

Pulitzer Prize


International Reporting:
National Reporting:
Public Service: Robert Schenkkan ... "The Kentucky Cycle"
Jane Smiley ... "A Thousand Acres"
Mark E. Neely, Jr. ... "The Fate of Liberty"

Patrick J. Sloyan ... "New York Newsday"
Anderson, Bill Dietrich, Mary Ann Gwinn & Eric Nalder Jeff Taylor & Mike McGraw ... "Kansas City Star"
"Sacramento Bee"

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what is the most important event in 1993 or the number one news article of 1993

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