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icebergs and reefs

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Q: What in the ocean could sink ships?
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What could sink ships in the ocean begin with the letter s?

· submarine

What causes a ships iron anchor to sink to the ocean?

Gravity causes the ships iron anchor to sink to the ocean.

What ocean can sink ships?


What objects can sink in the ocean?

Objects that can sink in the ocean include rocks, heavy metals, sunken ships, and dense materials like some types of wood or ceramics. These objects have a higher density than the surrounding water, causing them to sink to the ocean floor.

Can ship sink or disappear?

Sure ships sink. Titanic for example and hundreds of less famous boats every year. They can also is a big ocean out there. Not all ships that go missing are found.

Why don't ships sink in the Bermuda Triangle?

Ships do sink....

How do ships sink?

Collision, grounding, fire, structural failure, poor cargo loading.Ships could sink by something that could make a hole in the hull which lets the water in and then it will sink to the bottom of the sea.

Why ships donot sink into the sea?

if i could draw you a picture, i would. ships have basically large tanks i their hulls filled with air to keep them afloat. imagine putting a sealed tupperware box in your bath tub, the top will remain above water level

Did the Resistance sink the Danish Navy ships?

yes the resistance did sink their own ships

Did any famous ships sink in the Atlantic Ocean?

There have been thousands of ships that have sunk or been wrecked in the Atlantic. One famous wreck is the RMS Titanic

Why ship doenot sink in ocean?

Ships float in the ocean due to a principle known as buoyancy. This principle states that the weight of the water displaced by the ship is equal to the weight of the ship itself, allowing it to stay afloat. Additionally, ships are designed with hulls that displace a large volume of water, contributing to their ability to float.

Ships that never sink are called?

Ships that never sink are just ships that were lucky, any ship can sink for any number of reasons there is no such thing and a truly unsinkable ship.