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Q: What innovations did Bantu- speaking people spread during their migrations in Africa south of the Sahara?
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Does Africa have Spanish speaking countries?

Only one: Equatorial Guinea Or... what about Western Sahara? That used to be called Spanish Sahara.

Is south Africa in the Sahara?

No, the Sahara is in North Africa

Is the Sahara desert in the northern or southern Africa?

The Sahara is in northern Africa.

What continent is Sahara desert located?


What vast desert covers most of north Africa?

The Sahara Desert covers most of Northern Africa.

Does the Sahara Desert stretch across the northern half of Africa?

The Sahara Desert is in the continent Africa.

Where does Sub-Saharan Africa lie on the Sahara Desert?

Sub-Sahara Africa is below (south of) the Sahara Desert.

Which part of Africa does the Sahara desert lie in?

The Sahara is found in northern Africa.

What two continents have just 1 Spanish speaking country?

Africa and Asia qualify as such, via Western Sahara and the Philippines, respectively.

What region is the Sahara desert in?

The Sahara covers most of the northern third of Africa.

Is sahara in south africa?

No the Sahara Desert covers most of Northern Africa but isn't in the Southern parts of Africa.No, the Sahara Desert is in north Africa.

Does the Sahara Desert cover half of Africa?

No, the Sahara covers about the northern third of Africa.