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approximately $19.77 (as of 2009-02-24). However, the Italian Lira is now obsolete. It has been replaced with the Euro starting on January 1, 1999.

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32000 in us dollars

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Q: What is 30000 Italian lira worth in us dollars?
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How many Canadian dollars was 67900 Italian lira worth in 1980?


What is the Italian Lira worth today?

The Italian Lira was superseded by the Euro in 1999.

Italian lira 200 lira is worth how much in US money?

The Italian lira is no longer in circulation, having been replaced by the euro in 2002. At the time of conversion, 200 Italian lira would have been worth a very small amount in US dollars, likely less than $0.10 due to the lira's low value.

How much is 50 Italian lira worth in us dollars?

The lira has not been in use since 2002. Italy is now entirely on the Euro system.

What was exchange in 1920 for Italian lira?

According to my calculations it is about 1Lira = .44 dollars. I had to do the math from pounds to dollars and then pounds to Lira and then dollars to lira. I hope I got it right.

How much is 5000 lires worth?

Lire is the plural of Lira that is Italian. So 5000 Italian Lire worth $ 3.52 And for Other phase There is a currency that is Turkish Lira. And 5000 Turkish Lira worth $ 235.51

How much is the Italian dollar in Canadian dollars?

Italy does not have "Italian dollars". Italy switched over from the Lira to the Euro.

How much is Turkish lira worth?

1 Turkish lira = 0.667111 U.S. dollars

How much is 20 million Italian Lira in dollars?

I don’t know

How much the value of 1000 lira in dollar?

It depends on: A) What sort of Lira. There are many countries whose currency is called Lira in English; Turkish Lira, Lebanese Lira etc. B) What sort of dollars, Australian, Singapore etc. If you mean Italian Lira, the answer is nothing. Italian Lira were replaced by Euros in 2002, and they can no longer be exchanged.

How much is 1000 lira worth in pounds?

The Italian lira is no longer legal tender. It has been replaced by the Euro.

How much is lira worth to the us dollars?

50 minuets