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Caroline Chisholm's husband was called Archibald Chisholm.

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Q: What is Caroline Chisholm's husband's name?
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What was Caroline chisholms fathers name?

william jones

What was Caroline Chisholms mothers name?

Caroline Chisholm's mother's name was Sarah Jones.

What was Caroline chisholms legacy to the austrlain church?

"I promise to Know neither country nor creed, but to serve all justly and impartially" Caroline Chisholm's legacy is th Caroline Chisholms Society!

What were the major events in Caroline Chisholms life?


What were Caroline chisholms beliefs?

she believed that all humans have a right

What was Caroline Chisholm husbands name?

Archibald Chisholm

How did Caroline Chisholms' mother do for a living?

She ran a cake shop in Sydney

What date did Caroline Chisholms die?

25 of march 2009 at the age of 152

What is the duration of The Chisholms?

The duration of The Chisholms is 1.67 hours.

When did The Chisholms end?

The Chisholms ended on 1980-03-15.

When was The Chisholms created?

The Chisholms was created on 1979-03-29.

What was Caroline Chisholm's last name before she got married?

Caroline Chisholm (30 May 1808 - 25 March 1877[1]) was a progressive 19th-century English humanitarian known mostly for her involvement with female immigrant welfare in Australia.She was born Caroline Jones in Wootton, close to Northampton. At the age of 22, Caroline married Captain Archibald Chisholm, of the East India Company, thirteen years her senior.e Chisholms were married in the Church of England, but Caroline converted to her husband's religion, Roman Catholicism, at about this time.