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In Canada, they have a Constitutional Monarchy & a Parliamentary-Cabinet type government.

In America, we have a Presidential-Congressional type government. But both countries are democracies.;]

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Canadian provincial and federal elections don't have fixed intervals in the way US elections do. There is a law requiring a fixed interval of every four years for federal elections, but the prime minister who initiated that law has already called an election outside it.

Canadian provincial and federal governments can be minority governments, a situation that does not exist in the US. In a minority government, the ruling political party can be outvoted by opposition parties. This can happen because Canada has more than two political parties.

If the ruling political party is outvoted on a financial issue, say the budget, or other major issue, it's called a vote of non-confidence. Usually the prime minister then has to call an election, no matter how little time has passed.

Canadian elections also don't have primaries. Candidates from each party are chosen directly by the political parties.

You can't vote directly for the prime minister (or premier, for provinces) in a Canadian election, the way you can for a US president. The prime minister is the leader of the party which wins the most seats in an elections. Seats are like congregational districts in the US.

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The Canadian political parties differ from those of parties in other political systems in that in Canada the parties at the federal level are only loosely connected to the political parties at the provincial level. In most other countries the political parties at the federal are very tightly associated with those at the lower levels.

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Q: What is Differences between Canadian and American Political Systems?
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