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Dirk Hartog had a Dutch background and was a Calvinist in terms of his religion. Little is known about Dirk Hartog's life so it is hard to give back ground information. His parents were Hartych Krynen and Griet Jans. I hope this helped.

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They're Estonian

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great answer ty

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Q: What is Dirk Hartog's family's background?
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What was Dirk Hartogs hometown?

Dirk Hartogs hometown where he was born, raised, and died is in Amsterdam.

Who was Hartych Krynen?

Dirk Hartogs Father

What happened to Dirk Hartogs diary?

it was lost at sea

Dirk hartogs place of birth?

Amsterdam in 1580

What was done with dirk hartogs information that he gained?

nothing much

Who were Dirk Hartogs brother or sister?

mlik hartog and hiu hartog

What was dirk hartogs favourite food?

His favourite meal is an Oreo McFlurry from McDonalds (joke)

When was Friedrich Hartogs born?

Friedrich Hartogs was born on 1874-05-20.

When did Friedrich Hartogs die?

Friedrich Hartogs died on 1943-08-18.

Is dirk nowitzki background polish?

yeah im pretty sure

What did Dirk Hartogs pewter plate say?

Dirk Hartog's pewter plate was inscribed with a message detailing his 1616 landing on the west coast of Australia. The message conveyed information about his voyage and served as a record of his exploration for future expeditions.

Why am I called Dirk?

Dirk is a Scots word for a short dagger. Perhaps you were named after a famous Dirk such as the explorer Dirk Hartog or the actors Dirk Bogarde or Dirk Benedict.