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the first person put many different letters simultaneously. BYE

Of the above- do not listen to it. the name of HIS ship, the one only he used, was called the "Ship Of A Conquistador." A conquistador is a Spanish explorer.

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The Piloto Mayor.

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The piloto mayor

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Q: What is Fransisco Pizarro's ship's names?
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What ws the name of Francisco Pizarros ships?

the piloto mayor

What were the dates of fransisco pizarros 3 voyages?

Francisco Pizarro's three voyages to the Americas took place in 1509, 1524, and 1530. Each voyage contributed to his eventual conquest of the Inca Empire in present-day Peru.

What were the names of Hernando cortez's ships?

the ships names were unknown.

What was Francisco Pizarros route?

No, San Francisco did not get named after Francisco Pizarro.

What was fransisco pizarros goal of the exploration?

Francisco Pizarro's main goal of exploration was to conquer the Inca Empire in South America and claim its riches for Spain. He led expeditions that eventually led to the downfall of the Inca civilization and the establishment of Spanish control in the region.

What was the purpose of fransisco pizarros journey?

Francisco Pizarro's journey was to explore and conquer lands in South America, particularly looking for the Inca Empire to conquer and claim their riches for Spain. Pizarro was motivated by the desire for wealth, power, and spreading Christian beliefs.

What are the names of Jacques Cartier's ships?

The names of cartier's ships were le petite hermine and le grande hermine.

What were the names of Amerigo vespucci ships?

the names of his ships were the San Antiago, Repertaga, Wegiz,and the Girmand

What is the of francisco Pizarros ship?

The Piloto Mayor.

When did Francisco Pizarros journey end?


What are the names of the two baseball teams to play in the world series?

San Fransisco Giants and the Texas Rangers

What was the names of the ships?

There were two sister ships - the RMS Olympic and the HMHS Britannic.