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i don't know but i think it was destroyed by Indians

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it is a meuseum

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It is used as a museum

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Q: What is San Rafael Arcangel Mission like today?
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What is San Rafael mission like today?

it is a meuseum

What is mission san Rafael shaped like?

ytertytrytytyty gydetr

Did the Native Americans at mission SAn Rafael like their new life?

they whre slaved and bossed around

Does mission san Rafael arcangel have a cemetery?

Most of them did ( Spanish missions) they were self-contained like town community centers and had living quarters, churches, schools, convents and rectories for priests and nuns- and often hospitals- in short all of your church-related social needs- as people die off- cemeteries may well have been on the grounds- as was and is the case with the larger Motherhouses of religious orders such as the Convent Station in New Jersey ( Sisters of Charity).

How did the Indians feel about living at the mission san franciso de sloano?

how did California Indians adapt to mission san Rafael living.

What is the mission like today?

ALSOME and big and pretty

How do you grow hair like arcangel?


Information on how mission san francisco de solano today?

what is mission San Francisco de asis like today

What does Mission Santa Clara look like today?

it looks new

What is mission san Luis like today?

It is a community center a museum. Also still a mission.Still have the same old yard vines. This mission has a nickname which is City with a Mission

What is the Carmel mission like today?

It has been restored mostly by Harry Downie. There are cats in the mission that are used by modern missionaries to catch mice hiding throughout the mission.

What does mission San Juan Capistrano look like today?

The mission looks very close to what it was like in the early days. The State of California has done every thing it could to preserve the mission. It is still a working mission with services, weddings, funerals, and is open to visit.