What is Stadacona?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Stadacona was just a settlement for some aboriginals during Cartier's time however, it is known as Quebec Citytoday.

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Q: What is Stadacona?
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What has the author Stadacona written?

Stadacona has written: 'The dual language bill'

When did HMCS Stadacona end?

HMCS Stadacona ended on 1920-03-31.

When was HMCS Stadacona created?

HMCS Stadacona was created on 1915-08-13.

Where are the locations of Hochelaga and Stadacona to be found today?

Present-day Hochelaga is Montreal. Present-day Stadacona is Quebec City.

Stadacona is what present day city?

Today stadacona is named with letters of the alphabet. I do not know those letters.

Stadacona was what present day city?

Qubec City

What Indian tribe was chief donnacona from?

the tribe stadacona

What was the capital city of the Iroquois?

Stadacona is the capital city.

What was the aboriginal name for present day Quebec City?


Where was Domagaya born?

He was born in Stadacona, which is present day Quebec.

Who spent a winter with his crew in stadacona?

Stadacona was a 16th century St. Lawrence Iroquoian village near to present day Quebec City. The French explorer and navigator Jacques Cartier, travelling and charting the Saint Lawrence River, reached it on 7 September 1535. He returned to Stadacona to spend the winter there with his crew/group of 110 men.

Where are the locations of hochelaga and syadacona?

Today Hochelaga is in Montreal. Today Stadacona is in Quebec City.