What is Subsequent encounter?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is Subsequent encounter?
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How can use subsequent in a sentences?

We may encounter adverse union issues subsequent to the closing of the factory.

How do you abbreviate subsequent?


What is the synonym of next?

after, then, subsequent

What prepositions can be used with encounter?

Common prepositions that can be used with "encounter" include "in," "during," "through," "on," and "at." For example: "She had an encounter with a bear in the woods," "We had an encounter during our trip," "They had an encounter through a mutual friend," "I had an encounter on my way to work," "He had an encounter at the restaurant."

What is a verb for encounter?

The word encounter is both a noun and a verb. Examples: He had a strange encounter on a train. You will encounter many obstacles.

What do encounter mean?

social encounter

Is there a preposition after the verb encounter?

The word encounter could be followed by prepositions such as with (encounter with danger). Also the preposition of (encounter of the third kind).

How do you make sentence with subsequent?

My subsequent reply went unnoticed.

When was An Encounter created?

An Encounter was created in 1914.

What do social encounter mean?

social encounter

Why did the viking encounter?

Clarify your question. Why did the vikings encounter ... what?

Why wont previous exposure to the flu prvent subsequent infection?

The 'flu' is a virus, and viruses mutate readily. Unless the same flu makes its way around again, or a fairly similar strain to a previous encounter you've had through exposure or vaccine, you will have little defense.