What is a beggers can not?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a late English 16Th . Cent colloquial literal.

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Q: What is a beggers can not?
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What where Tudor rations?

The tudors didn't really have rations because the Spanish Armada, Scotland and people like the catholics never stopped food and drink supplies. If you were rich (a lord, a lady, a royal, someone important) you could get loads of food with everything from fruit to meat. But, if you were at the other end of the line (beggers, thieves, the poor, the unappreciated) you could barely afford to feed yourself, never mind your family. This resulted in many people starving.

What types of beggers where there in Tudor England?

There were many beggars. Some would cut themselves then wrap themselves up in dirty bandages to fool people into giving them money, some aet soap so it frothed then pretended to have a fit. You also got the women beggars who would bribe a rich man to take them home and she'd rob them on the way. I heard that one beggar went around with a chicken in his ear and sbarked like a dog. Not sure about the last one.

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