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Q: What is a current event that happened in Canada?
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What is a current event?

An event that happened recently.

What is is a current event of December 10 2010 in Saskatchewan Canada?


What major event happened in 1997 in Canada?

No URLs in answers,please.

What 2 current events happened in Canada 2010?

Earthquake and the G20 protests.

What is sentence for current?

The river's current is strong in March. I couldn't get the current to flow so we still have no lights. Something that happened last year is not really a current event.

What Major economic event happened in the 1950s in Canada?

business began looking to the new market

What is a current event that happened in south Korea?

Starcraft 2 was released on 2010 July 27.

What major event happened in Canada in the 1990s?

Canada's newest territory, Nunavut, was created.

What happened outside the big bang?

The current understanding of the so-called "Big Bang" event suggests that there was no'outside' to it, since all of space itself was created in the event and expanded after it.

What is a current world event?

A current world event is...never mind about that...

What is the meaning of current events?

A current event is and event somewhere throughout the world.

When you can use prior?

You use the word prior when speaking to an event, like; prior to an event, it means this happened before a certain event, or before something happened. Say there was a crime, and people were talking about how this happened, and what happened prior to this event.