What is a gigagon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A gigagon is a polygon with a billion sides. To an engineer it would pass as a circle. To a physicist or mathematician it would still be a polygon.

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gigagon (can be called also chilliataxismegagon) is the polygon that has 1 billion sides
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a gigagon is a two-dimensional polygon with a billion sides. To an unaided observer, a gigagon resembles a circle.A gigagon with a radius of 1 Lightyear (approximately the size of 100 solar systems) would have its edge length differ from a circle by only 9.78 cm.

No. of vertices = ⟨10,9⟩

No. of edges = ⟨10,9⟩

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Q: What is a gigagon?
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What is the name of a billion sided polygon?


How many sides does a gigagon have?

1 billion.

What polygon has 1 billion sides?

a 1 billion sided polygon is made up of 100 of the 1 million sided polygon

What do you call a billion sided polygon?

One billion-sided polygon = GIGAGON

What it the name of a 1000000000000 sided shape?

It's a supergon.

What is the name of a polygon with one billion sides?

Gigagon? Giga=billion I'm not sure, but it seems like the most-likely name.

What do you call a 10 million sided polygon?

A 10,000,000-sided polygon would be called a decamegagon. A 100,000,000-sided polygon is called a hectamegagon, and a 1,000,000,000 (or 10 billion) sided shape would be called a gigagon. I know gigagon sounds funny (especially when you plug your nose), but hey, there's always giggling (which people are usually doing once you plug your nose while saying gigagon), which has 4 gs in it & also 2 is (just like a human). Anyways, there's your answer (w/bonus). My name is Chase, & I'm 10 yrs. old. Good day. This answer was made on November 6, 2011; completed at the time of 2:36 PM. Bye!

What is a billion sided shape called?

giga=billion so i came up with gigagon by wacomoly

1,000,000,000 sided shape?

Basically it's just a circle but the scientific name is probably non existent. Shapes over 15 or 20 twenty are usually called 32-gons or a 49-gon

What is the name of a 1000000000 sided shape?

what is the name of a 1000000000 sided shape?

What is a googolplex sided shape called?

As a inquirer of shapes and geometry. I have found that the root terms of very many sided shapes tend to drift into the metric system and so which causes this... million sided shape = megagon billion sided shape = gigagon trillion sided shape= teragon It continues as such but the metric system ends around "yotta" so I don't know about an actual name for a googolplex sided shape. A "googolplexagon" would be my best guess.