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hey I just need answer for my homwork! amd its about the scribes in mesopilamia time!

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Q: What is a illustrated poster advertising a school for scribes?
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Did ancient Egyptian scribes go to school?


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Who writes hieroglyphics?

Scribes wrote hieroglyphics in tombs. The scribes were male most of the time. wealthy family rarely sent girls to scribe school.

What is a name of an ancient scribe school or school for scribes?

It is called an Edubba in Mesopotamia. Meaning tablet house.

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Why were scribes important to Egypt?

scribes were important on Egypt to record tings that were happenng in the town like birth deth and so on.

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How does a scribe live?

scribes write in hieroglyphics for a living and they went to school from grades 3-5