What is a mercinary?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Soldier hired by the army of Another Country or by a private army, or a Soldier that will fight for you for pay enough.

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Q: What is a mercinary?
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What does born a Double Dragon mean?

A mercinary, however this term is only applied after the person become notorious and deadly.

How and Where do you buy Pack Animals and Mercenaries in Morrowind?

In mornhold their is a man in the bazzar that sells PAC rats and attack scribs, and the mercinary is in the courtyard of the first place you come in.

What do you get when you pre order Fallout New Vegas?

You get 4 special packs 1. Caravan Pack 2.Mercinary Pack 3.Tribal Pack 4.Classic Pack Awesome

What is it called when a soldier is fighting for another country?

Soldiers who fight in any country's army for pay are called soldiers of fortune or mercinaries.

What movie and television projects has Cordell McQueen been in?

Cordell McQueen has: Played Larry in "Warhead" in 1996. Played Marc Desantis in "Shark Attack" in 1999. Played Anti-poaching unit in "Kin" in 2000. Played Beard in "Glory Glory" in 2002. Played Young mercinary in "Blood Diamond" in 2006.

What are the mercinary 2 cheats for ps3?

theres a website called cheatcc that will give you cheats on the left side of the website it will say the consles(ps3 ps2 exc)then click the console on witch you were looking for cheats and when you get to the next page you will see a box that says cheat codes click on that and it will show the alphabet click on the letter the game begins with then it will show a list of games click on the game you are looking for cheats for your welcome

Why did the Byzantine Empire did not last as long as the Roman Empire?

It did not only last as long as the western Roman Empire, it even lasted 1,000 years longer. The Roman Empire lasted until the end of the 5th century, the Byzantine Empire lasted until the end of the 15th century. The reason for both Empire's demise in both cases was roughly the same: both Empires' central governments had gradually lost control over most if not all of their former provinces. With that, revenue and manpower dropped dramatically and with that, both empires' capacity to field armies to defend what was left of their territories. Both governments came to rely heavily on mercenaries for their defence. In the case of the Roman Empire, the end came when one of those mercinary generals simply took over and declared himself King of Italy (which was what the Empire by then had been reduced to). In the case of Byzantium, the end came when the Ottoman Turks besieged and conquered the city of Constantinople, which by then was almost all that was left of the former Byzantine Empire. Before that, Byzantium had already been reduced to the status of a client State of the Turks.

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