What is a name of a Tudor beggar?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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They weren't so much "beggars" but they were the poorest of the poor. There were bone pickers who picked through the bones to get them so they could sell them. There was the rag pickers who picked through clothing. Clothing was reused over and over and sold to others. It was hard to get and hard to make so any cloth was valuable. There were the rat catchers who caught the sewer rats with the special smelling oil on their hands. Yes, they caught them bare handed in the sewers. There were the people along the coast who went down the side of cliffs to get the bird eggs for the rich. Then, there were the men who made charcoal. They would pile wood in a pyramid type of pile pack dirt around it and set it on fire. They would have to sit up several days with this to make sure the fire stayed lit and didn't burn too hot. Finally, there were people who made pins. Since there was no zippers clothing was held together with straight pins. Whole families would sit in cold rooms making pins as a living. They were cut from wire, pounded to make them straight ,then a head was added. They only got a few pennies for a day's work. The churches of the time were suppose to act as helpers for the poor and the lost. Some did and some didn't. If you owed money you ended in debtor's prison and may never come out.

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Luke dixon is one of the greatest beggars

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Q: What is a name of a Tudor beggar?
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