What is a normadic?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Groups of people tending to travel and change settlements frequently

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people with no permanent home , move place to place in search of food , water .

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Q: What is a normadic?
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Are the kiowa nomadic or permanent?


Endangered normadic species of antelope of Asia with an elongated oversized nose?


Did vikings affect Europe?

Yes!, they helped spread the normadic language to England. All is included in Rubensteins Human Geography Textbook.

Where nomadic herding occur?

Normadic herding occurs in areas where the seasons may change. The people are forced to travel to find food and proper shelter.

What were the civilization of Israel?

Israel is a nation but the Jew inhabitants today are descendants of the normadic wandering tribe of Moses during the Egyptian civilization in geographical unity in traces through antiquity in Sumerians,Akkadians,Babylonians,and Assyrians of the Mesopotamian civilization

Do whales lose their homes?

Whales don't really have home per-se. Whales are normadic creatures who travel between bodies of water depending on the seasons. They are, however, being threatened by being overhunted and ice can make it hard for them to travel.

What is normadic?

A normadism is a subsistence and Cash crop Farming and Environmental Degradation in the North Bank Division of the Gambia. Nomadism is a lifestyle adapted to infertile regions where mobility is most efficient strategy for exploiting the scarce resources.

What is sedentary?

It means that a farmer stays on the same farm all his life and doesnt move.... This is very common in the UK...The other type of farming which is the opposite to this is called Normadic Farming which is when a farmer constantly moves round with his cattle to different places; this is very popular in Africa.

Where the twerkers at?

So it has come to that time in your life where you as yourself this serious question. I am a normadic twerk searcher and never in my life have i found onesingle twerker, apart from the one we call miley cyrus (on the box we call the TV!) personally i believe hitler took all the twerkers with him when he died so he wouldn't get bored. IN order to find the twerkers we must search for his ghost then force him to give us one of the twerkers for our own butts :) hope this helps bye xxx

Where might nomadic livestock herding be found?

Normadic herding occurs in areas where the seasons may change. The people are forced to travel to find food and proper shelter.

What did shi haungdi do while he ruled the qin dynasty?

He did a lot of good things and bad things. Some of the good things include: He unified measurements, currency, and the language which is the present Chinese language we are using now. He also started building the Great Wall which even though caused the death of a lot of people but successfully defended the Chinese from the normadic people for more than 1000 years. Some of the bad things he did include: He burnt a lot of books and killed a lot of scholars just to enforce his rule.