What is a sponsoring country?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sponsoring country is the country that gave him items to work for them for a bit.

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Q: What is a sponsoring country?
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Who is Jacques cartiers sponsoring country?


What is John Cabot's sponsoring country?


Who was Christopher Columbus's sponsoring country?


Who was john whites sponsoring country?

England :)

John Cabot sponsoring country?


Sir Francis Drake's sponsoring country?


Who was Ferdinand magellen's sponsoring country?

Spain sponsored him

What is Francisco Pizarro sponsoring country?


What was the sponsoring country francisco vasquez de coronado?

Spain was it

What was Ronald Amundsens sponsoring country?

Amundsen was a Norwegian, and it's possible that some of his funding was from that country.

What was the country that sponsored Marco Polo's exploration?

(bb) Marco polo sponering country was France China was the sponsoring country and the Kublai Khan was the sponsoring monarch.

Why would a sponsoring country and ruler support explorers who were not from their country?

They might sponsor an explorer for several reasons - and usually did so for a combination of several of these reasons:Even if the explorer was not from their country, they could still make claims on discoveries as an agent for the sponsorThe explorer might possess unique or superior characteristics, skills, and/or knowledge not found among the citizens of the sponsoring countryThe exploration might give the sponsoring country an advantage of being the first to establish a trade route to the explored regionThe exploration might provide a source of valuable resources - or plunder - to the sponsoring countryThe sponsoring country might accrue increased reputation by being the sponsor of an exploration that made some significant discoveryThe sponsoring country might believe they would accrue some spiritual credit with a higher power by using the exploration to spread their religion