What is a summoner?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Summons is a document that secure the attendance of the accused person in court of law . if the Magistrate , Justice of the peace having jurisdiction intend to prosecute a person and such a person is not in custody and no warrant of arrest has been issued to such person in respect of an offence he or she committed , he the Magistrate or Justice of the peace shall drawn up a SUMMONS through the clerk of the court to hand it to a person in question . It contain the name of the accused person , his address , gender the place and the time where and when the hearing will take place and the name of the charge for which a person should be charge . It will be serve to a person within 7 days exclude weekend and public holidays be given to accused himself , if he is unreachable to any person residing there or working where the accused person works and such person shall be of 16 years old and above . It will be a prima facie that the service of the SUMMONS has been served . If the person to whom a SUMMONS has been issued failed unreasonable to appeared in court as far as the SUMMONS concern . A warrant of arrest will be issue against him .

Others documents are : Indictment>same as the SUMMONS , but this can be use in High court , Subpoena>For calling a witness in court of law and Warrant>For arrest any person in respect of an offence .

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Q: What is a summoner?
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