What is a tenant farmer?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Colonial tenant farmers were men who rented the land they farmed on.

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Someone who works and pays rent for land owned by another.

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Q: What is a tenant farmer?
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A farmer who did not own land?

He is a tenant farmer.

What is a tendent farmer?

I think you mean 'Tenant Farmer'. A tenant farmer is a farmer who does not own the land that he/she cultivates. Their rent is usually a fixed percentage of the harvest each year.

Synonyms for sharecropper?

tenant farmer

What is the name of a tenant farmer in the USA?

A sharecropper.

What is a British tenant farmer called?


How did tenant farmers pay their rent in ancient china?

A tenant farmer

Farmer who raises crops and lives on land belonging to another?

A tenant farmer or sharecropper.

What is a sentence for the word tenant farmer?

tentant farmer is one who resides on and farms land owned by its or there landlord.

Farmers who rented land to farm were called?

tenant farmer

How do you spell sharepoper?

The likely word is "sharecropper" (a tenant farmer).

What do tenant farmers grow?

Anything that's farmed in the area. The "tenant" part of "tenant farmer" refers to the fact that they do not own the land, but are merely renting it from the landowner.

From which of the following did most sharecropper and tenant farmer make their living?

Sharecroppers and tenant farmers made their living from cash crops.