What is a vizer?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A vizier is a high ranking political (and sometimes religious) advisor or minister.

Please correct if indefinite.

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Q: What is a vizer?
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Who was the bible character who became the vizer in Egypt?


What tiep of clothing did Egyptian vizer ware?

big white robes

What means vizer?

Do you mean visors, those brims on caps or anything to shade your eyes, or do you mean viziers, officials in the arab world similar to prime ministers to the sultan? Spelling really is an important skill, you know.

Was Joseph the king of Egypt?

No he was not the king of Egypt. He was a Vizer who was given authority to act in the name of the Pharaoh with almost limitless power - the Pharaoh only remained above him because he was Pharaoh. Otherwise he had full authority over everything in Egypt except the throne.

What were the Egyptian government officials' jobs?

Government officials were chosen by the pharaoh, assisting him directly and advising him in matters about society. There were three important positions in the group: vizier, the chief treasurer, and the general of the armies. Their responsibilities were: Vizer - Chief judge on court cases Chief Treasurer - Collected taxes and controlled the country's economy. General of the Armies - Head of the military, national security, and forming relationships with other countries

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Who was Egyptian king at time of prophet Joseph?

Joseph was never king of Egypt. He was an adviser to the king. Genesis chapters 37-50 might be helpful for you. Joseph was not the king of Egypt. He was a Vizer who was given authority to act in the name of the Pharaoh with almost limitless power - the Pharaoh only remained above him because he was Pharaoh. Otherwise he had full authority over everything in Egypt except the throne itself.

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