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a zealot is a fanatic who strongly believes in something and is willing to fight for it. a martyr is someone who dies defending his country. a parable is any of the stories told by Jesus to convey his religious messages. for example the parble of the prodigal son, the good samaritan...

A parable isn't exclusive to stories in The Bible. A parable can be any short story with a moral principle or lesson behind it.

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Q: What is a zealot a martyr and a parable?
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How can you use zealot in a sentence?

He was called a zealot because of his devotion to her.

When was Zealot - album - created?

Zealot - album - was created in 1994.

When was Zealot - EP - created?

Zealot - EP - was created in 1996.

Simon the zealot in bronze bow?

He is like an angel to David in the Bronze Bow. He is a Zealot.

How do you write a sentence using the word zealot?

She wants everyone to become a vegetarian, she is quite a zealot about it.

Was the disciple Simon Peter a zealot?

No he wasn't Simon Peter was a fisher and the he was known to be Peter. Simon was a zealot

What is a sentence with zealot in it?

Tough Glenn was devout, he was no zealot who tried to force his beliefs on friends. Who is Tough Glenn?

When did Simon the zealot become a follower of Jesus?

In Luke 6: 12-16, after a night of prayer in the mountains that the next day he chose the twelve disciples whom he name apostles. And, Simon the Zealot was selected at that time.

What did Saint Simon the Zealot do to become a saint?

Saint Simon the Zealot is recognized as a saint in the Christian tradition for his dedication to spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ. He is one of the twelve apostles chosen by Jesus and is believed to have traveled extensively to preach the Gospel. Simon is venerated for his faith and commitment to serving God.

The first parable told in the Gospel of Matthew is the parable of the?

parable of the sower

Is it to martyr or to be martyred or to become a martyr?

To be martyred or to become a martyr. To martyr would refer to the person doing the killing.

What is a person called who suffers dies or loses everything for their beliefs?

A martyr?