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One example is a factory owner.

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Q: What is an example of a member of the bourgeoisie?
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What do you call a member of the privaleged class?


If you had been a member of the bourgeoisie would you have been satisfied with the results of Napoleon's actions?

Probably not, but Napoleon was facing the reality of the French Revolution.

What is the possessive of bourgeoisie?

The possessive form of the noun bourgeoisie is bourgeoisie's.Example: The bourgeoisie's vote is very important in this race.

What do you call the class in the middle of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat?

There is no class in between the proletariat (workers) and bourgeoisie (capitalists).

What was the bourgeoisie?

The bourgeoisie is the ruling/leech class. The bourgeoisie lives off the efforts of others and adds little if nothing to society.

What is a sentence with bourgeoisie?

The bourgeoisie class was referred to the middle class in society.

Where do the Bourgeoisie live?

the bourgeoisie lived in beautiful homes decorated with silk.

What were the merchants and artisans living in walled cities called?


If you had been a member of the bourgeoisie would you have been satisfied with the results of Napoleon and actions Explain.?

No, because i would have wanted more out of it.

Who would be a member of the third estate?

Any French person who was not (1) a member of the royal family, (2) a noble, or (3) a member of the clergy would be a member of the third estate. This was roughly 97% of the French population. It included all of the poor French as well as the bourgeoisie (lawyers, bankers, doctors, entrepreneurs, etc.).

What is a member?

Someone who is a part of a group or bunch, for example, I am a member of my family.For males, a member may be a penis, for example, He grasped his flaccid member.

What is thh definition for bourgeoisie?

Bourgeoisie means: the common man, the commoners, the working class.