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Q: What is an important western European source of oil?
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What European country has the most oil?

Most of Western Europe's oil comes from Middle Eastern nations (Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc.). However, a lot of oil is also supplied by Russia, the United States, Canada, China, and other European nations (i.e. Norway).

What is the least important as a source of power for industry?


When would the desity of oil and water be important?

when there is an oil spill in oceans or any liquid of some source

What kind of fat was an important source of oil to frontiers AR?

Bullpenis fat

What kind of fat was an important source of oil to frontier AR?

Bullpenis fat

What is a colony why were they so important to the european nations?

Colonies were a source of power for a country. The general belief was the more land you controlled, the more powerful your nation seemed. Colonies also were a source of materials, from resources (coal, oil, metals, etc.) to labor.

When was Western Oil Sands created?

Western Oil Sands was created in 1975.

Has the largest oil reserves in the Western Hemisphere?

Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the Western Hemisphere.

Why is Edwin LDake an important figure in the history of the oil industry?

Edwin Drake installed the first producing "oil well" in US. It was located in western Pennsylvania not far from Hershey.

What was a source of wealth for in western Africa?

The participation of the kingdoms of western Africa in providing slaves for the slave trade made them wealthy also there is gold in that area.

Why is the Persian golf an important waterway?

Because the world's primary energy source is oil, and the majority of the world's oil must be transported through the Persian Gulf on supertankers.

Western Europe's largest oil exporter?

Norway is the largest oil producer and exporter in Western Europe