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National Sozialistiche Deutsche Arbeiter Partei - N.S.D.A.P.

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The Nazi Party. It has to do with Hitler.

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Q: What is another name for the National Socialist German Workers Party?
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Where does the word Nazi come from?

The National Socialist German Workers' Party was the German political party led by Adolf Hitler from 1920 on. This is the English translation of the German Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. Nazi is an abbreviation of Nationalsozialist.

How did World War 1 reparations lead to inflation and instability in the German government?

A German guy asassinated another German person which became a spark of the war.

Did world war 1 contribute to the cause of world war 2?

the terms of the treaty of Verseilles was a hardship on post war Germany and combined with a world wide recession added to the discontent in Germany. This situation was used by many political parties to gain favor among the German people. Communist parties, socialist parties and fascist parties all claimed to have a remedy to rectify this injustice and the most successful group was the National Socialist Party. France and England were viewed by the German people to be too harsh on war repayments and many people saw a glimer of hope by listening to politicians who professed that s strong military action was a solution. Indeed as Germany had advanced technologies in warfare and the Allies were tired of conflict, Adolph Hitler, an effective speaker and WW1 veteran drew support for having Germany reclaiming resource rich areas such as the Rhineland as territory to reclaim. As France especially was already preparing for another war ; they built eastern defenses aimed to prevent Germany from invading France, it seemed that they were in a defensive posture. Clearly not the role to take as they claimed victory in WW1. The German military was aggressive and had been successful in the Franco Prussian War earlier in the 20th century against France. When Stalin refused to enjoin in a treaty with England & France, this was a positive factor for the German military leaders. In Hitler they saw an aggressive man with a vision for rebuilding Germany even at the cost of another war. As the United States did not join the League of nations, a major world power seemed out of the picture. It was clear to many experts that Germany had the capacity and will to rectify the defeat suffered in WW1.

What Country Contributed Most To The World?

Most British nationalist will tell you Britain. They'll also post false information to a fake Japanese study claiming 50% of the worlds inventions are British. This Japanese study doesn't actualy exist & the numbers keep changing. First it was 50% then i saw someone say 54%. At any rate the real answer is Germany. No other country in this modern age has contributed as much to Music, Chemistry, Science, Medicine, Warfare, Nuclear Energy, Math, or Literature as Germany. The greatest composers of all time are all German Bach, Beethoven, Mozart. Germans dominated classical music. The Automobile invented by a German. The Motorcycle invented by a German. The Nuke invented by a German. NASA established and built by Germans. The worlds first functional and programmable computer Z1, A German. The First commercial Computer the Z4, German. The Television wouldn't be what it is now if not for a German. CRT. Nuclear Fission, A German. The X-ray, A German. Aspirin, A German. First pregnancy test, German. Mercury Theomometer, German. Discovery that diseases were caused by bacteria, A German. Gramaphone, A German. Healing Methods with Pulse magnetic fields, A German. Gas Motor, German. The First practical Helicopter, German. Airbags, German. V2 Rockets, German It was possible to put a man on the moon because of, Germans. First flying wing fighter/bomber, German. Printing Press, German. Diesel Engines, German. Syphilis treatment, German. Cathode ray tube (instrumental to Televisions), German. Discovery of Vacuum Physics, German. Demonstrating electrostatic repulsion, German. Manometer, German. First electrostatic generator, German. The unit of frequency of a radio wave, German. First electromechanical television system, German. Electron Microscope, German. First Electric Elevator (Modern Elevator), German. Bunsen burner, German. Refractometer, German. Quatum Physics/Quatum Theory, German. First video game console, German. Discovered the diphtheria antitoxin (The first cure for a disease EVER), German. Haber-Bosch process, German. Set Theory, German. Bicycle, German. Doppler Effect, German. Discovery of the dark absorption lines, German. First light bulb, German. Synthetic ammonia and Chemical warfare, German. Nerve Gas, German. Radioactivity and Radiochemistry, German. Discovery of Cosmic Rays, German. The REAL First Radar, German. Linguistic relativity, German. Kessler syndrome, German. Discovery of Uranium, German. The principles of Spectrum analysis, German. Father of Aviation and first successful aviator, German. Mach number, German. And thats not even half of the list. They made tremendous achievements in the chemistry, science, literature, and technolgical fields. German filmakers even made early Hollywood & shaped it to what it would become in the future as the German film industry was ahead of Americas at the time. By all means Germany more than any other nation besides England has single handedly invented the modern world. Some people who still have an anti german sentiment try to deny their contributions.

How did the political situation in Europe after world war 1 contribute to both Benito Mussolini and Hitler being able to rise to power?

It caused a sense of uncertainty in both Italy and Germany and made people want a strong leader. Hitler exploited German nationalism, while Mussolini offered stability to Italy after a period of economic stagnation partly caused by socialist and communist agitation.

Related questions

Which national party did adolf hitler led?

Nazi Party, or it is National Socialist German Workers' Party.

When was German National Socialist Workers' Party - Czechoslovakia - created?

German National Socialist Workers' Party - Czechoslovakia - was created in 1919.

When did German National Socialist Workers' Party - Czechoslovakia - end?

German National Socialist Workers' Party - Czechoslovakia - ended in 1933.

What was the full name of the Nazi Party in German?

In full in GermanNationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP)

Is nazi a acronym for national socialist Germany workers party?

Almost, Nazi is the acronym for the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

What year did Hitler join the Nazis?

Adolf Hitler did not join the National Socialist German Workers Party, Adolf Hitler was the founder of the National Socialist German workers Party because Adolf Hitler change the name of the German Workers Party, to National Socialist Workers Party because Adolf Hitler had bisexual tendencies.

What was the national socialist German workers party known as?

in German the "Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei"(or the National Socialist German Workers Party), the NSDAP became known colloquially as the Nazis

What do the Nazis stand for?

National Socialist German Workers Party.

What was hitlers party?

The National Socialist German Workers Party.



Are national socialists German?

Yes , the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers' Party) who are known to the world as the Nazis were German .

What year did himmler national socialist German workers party?