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I believe it is called docking

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Q: What is called when spacecraft link up while orbiting in space?
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When spacecraft link up while orbiting in space it is called?

When spacecraft link up while orbiting in space it is called "docking." This involves two spacecraft joining together to form a larger integrated system. This process is often used for crew transfers, cargo delivery, or to build larger structures in space.

What is a small planet or spacecraft called?

A small planet is called a dwarf planet, while a small spacecraft is typically referred to as a satellite.

Can you fly while you are in a space shuttle in space?

You may have seen photos or videos of astronauts who appear to be floating through the air while in space. They aren't flying, nor are they really floating, they are falling. Any orbiting spacecraft (such as the space shuttle or international space station) is actually falling around the Earth in a circular pattern. They have achieved enough speed (over 17,000 mph) to continue moving around the Earth without the Earth's gravity pulling the spacecraft down. Astronauts aboard those spacecraft are moving inside the spacecraft and falling along with them at the same speed giving the appearance that they flying or floating inside.

What does spacewalk mean?

A spacewalker is an astronaut who goes outside of the spacecraft while in space. This is called extravehicular activity (EVA) and is usually done to perform inspection or repair of the exterior of the spacecraft.

What does earth do in space?

it rotates while the moon is orbiting the earth

What is the difference between an aircraft and a spacecraft?

Aircraft fly through air and spacecraft fly in space.

Is spaceport the same with spacestation?

No, a spaceport is a facility for launching and receiving spacecraft, while a space station is a spacecraft that is designed for long-term human habitation in outer space. Spaceports are typically located on Earth, while space stations orbit in space.

What is the name of a Visual telescope satellite in space?

The Hubble Space Telescope is a well-known visual telescope satellite in space, operated by NASA and the European Space Agency. It has provided stunning images and vital scientific data about the universe since its launch in 1990.

What is the difference between 'spacecraft' and 'space shuttle'?

A spacecraft is a broad term that refers to any vehicle designed for travel or operation in outer space. A space shuttle is a specific type of spacecraft that is designed to transport astronauts and cargo to and from low Earth orbit. Essentially, all space shuttles are spacecraft, but not all spacecraft are space shuttles.

Is a space shuttle a probe?

No, a space shuttle is not a probe. A space shuttle is a reusable spacecraft designed for crewed missions to orbit Earth and other destinations in space, while a probe is an unmanned spacecraft designed to explore space and gather information about celestial bodies.

What is the difference between a space station and the space shuttle?

A space station is a large spacecraft designed to remain in space for long periods of time and serve as an orbiting habitat for astronauts. In contrast, the space shuttle was a reusable spacecraft that could launch from Earth, carry astronauts and cargo to space, and then return to Earth. The space shuttle was retired in 2011, while space stations like the International Space Station continue to be used for long-term missions.

What is the Difference between a space ship and space probe?

A spaceship is a manned spacecraft designed to carry astronauts, while a space probe is an unmanned spacecraft designed to explore space and gather data without a crew on board. Space probes are typically used for scientific research and exploration missions to planets, asteroids, and other celestial bodies.